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All of the products listed below will be available at our auction, due to postage costs they are limited to residents of the continental USA only. Shipping will be free. Please use our links to visit the websites for full details. A special thanks to all of the companies donating these great products to us, many of the world’s best growers have used these products with great success. Check back later for new items listed

This device measures and applies products into your irrigation system saving you time and money during the busy growing season Retail Value is over $400.



  World Record Giant Pumpkin 2702.9 pounds
Grown by Stefano Cutrupi (pictured center) in Tuscany Italy year 2021
1885.5 Werner x self, measuring 514″OTT  and +6% heavy



Illinois 2017 winner
Joe Adkins of Wheaton Illinois
1522.0 lbs
1790 Wallace x 1861 Adkins
404″ OTT   5% Heavy

Illinois 2016 winner
Joe Adkins of Wheaton Illinois
1,861.00 lbs
2145 McMullen x 2230 Wallace
420″ OTT 22% Heavy
He placed 29th in the world in 2016


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