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Two IGPGA T-Shirts one Med and one XL will be auctioned separately, each shirt is signed by the growers listed below. Not a small task the shirts according to google maps traveled 19,911 miles( a trip around the earth being 24,901) They started their journey on November 10th, 2019 returning home just over a year later on November 14th, 2020. They have traveled through Canada and from coast to coast in the USA

Over 25 names from over 10 world records plus multiple state records, North American and Canadian records plus familiar names of growers who have helped expand the hobby of growing giants.

By no means does this list mention all of the accomplishments of these great growers and many more could have been added,  a big thank you to all who participated  

Danny Dill (Howard Dill’s son) Howard was the creator of the Atlantic Giant winning a WR in 1980 with 459 lbs and 1981 with 493.5 lbs

Garry Checkon WR 1999 with 1131 lbs

Dave Stelts WR 2000 with 1140 lbs

Steve Daletas WR holder in 2003 at 1385 lbs 2018 Oregon state record at 2469 lbs His seeds are highly sought after they have set numerous records. He has 7 pumpkins over 2000 lbs

Larry Checkon WR 2005 1469 lbs

Joe Jutras WR giant pumpkin 2007-WR giant squash 2017- WR long gourd 2016 Master Gardener Of The Year 2019

Chris Stevens WR 2010 Wisconsin 1,810.5 lbs

Jim and Kelsey Bryson WR 2011 Quebec, 1,818.5 lbs

Ron Wallace WR 2012 and 2006 Grew the first one-ton pumpkin at 2009 lbs in the year 2012 Sharing a wealth of information and seeds. Owner of WOW Wallace Organic Wonders

Tim Mathison WR 2013 at 2032 lbs

Steve Marley 2019 WR Tomato

Dick (pap) Wallace. North American record in 2016 of 2261.5 lbs Served in the USMC from 1959 to 1963 Numerous contributions to the sport

Joel Holland American record holder in 2017 at 2363 lbs Owner of Holland’s Land O’ Giants WR 1992 with 827 lbs

Steve Geddes North America’s largest pumpkin 2528 lbs set in 2018

Phil & Jane Hunt Canadian  record holder at 1959 lbs in 2018

Gene McMullen- Illinois State record holder and grower of the 2145.5 the worlds-record-setting seed

Dale Marshall Alaska state record holder set in 2019 at 2051 lbs

Deb Gantner Heaviest pumpkin by female grower 2152 lbs

Cindy Tobeck GPC Newsletter Editor with numerous records in Field pumpkins, Marrow Cabbage, Bushel Gourds Long gourds plus giant pumpkins and squash

Matthew DeBacco Going a step beyond to advance the science of giant pumpkin growing

Joe Ailts Sharing his knowledge with the community and his own genetics

Cecil Weston Sharing his knowledge with individuals growing the 1921 in the year 2015

Don Langevin. Author of several books including the series How-to-Grow World Class Giant Pumpkins

Ken Desrosiers The owner of bigpumpkins dot com

Mark Clementz Held the Michigan state record in 2017 with 2043.5 lbs and for his support and enthusiasm for the hobby Don’t Grow No Ugly Pumpkins

Joe Adkin Four years of consecutive victories at Illinois State weigh-off, he holds second place for largest pumpkin grown in Illinois. A master pumpkin carver

Henry Swenson while in high school in 2016 grew a personnel best of 1086 lbs