Useful Tools

Concentration Calculator

If you wish to make your own nutrient mixture download this  calculator, in line two you must add the % sign after the number you want, example .5%

To figure the recommended amount of product needed, for example, a laboratory says you need 3.1 pounds of nitrogen First find out the percentage of Nitrogen in the product you plan to use Ammonium Sulfate is 21-0-0
Divide the recommended amount by 21% in the product …3.1 ÷.21 = 14.761 pounds of product needs to be used

Acres to 1000sqft. If a product is recommended by the acre to find the amount for 1000 sqft…
An acre is 43560 sq ft divide it by 43.56 for the rate per 1000 square feet.
If 120 pounds is used for 1-acre divide 120 by 43.56=  2.75 pounds for 1000 sqft

To get one inch of water
1 acre (43,560 sq ft) = 27,000 gallons
1,000 sq ft = 620 gallons
100 sq ft = 62 gallons
10 sq ft = 6.2 gallons
1 sq ft = 2.5 quarts

Compost tea recipe
5 gallons of tea
1.5 cups compost
7 Tablespoons molasses
2.5 tsp fish
3 Tablespoons kelp meal