Illinois The pumpkin Capital of the world


The 2022 participants

The new World Record pumpkin weighs 1,226 kg (2,702 lb 13.9 oz).  Grown in 2021 by Stefano Cutrupi (Italy)  “Climate control is a critical factor from germination through to harvest. To allow plants to express themselves at their best, it’s a matter of heating, cooling, shading, misting, watering-feeding when needed.” 

Illinois largest pumpkin weighed in at 2145.5 pounds grown by Gene McMullen in 2015. The seeds have produced more than 18 pumpkins over 2000 pounds including setting the world record in 2016 the 2624.6 Willemijns


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  They may need over 100 gallons  of water each day

Seeds are slightly bigger than a Jack-o-lanterns.

They rarely grow over 120 days

  Every leaf connection  can grow two roots 

We don’t feed them milk but they love calcium

Only one pumpkin is allowed to grow per plant

They can be over 16 inches thick

They can grow 60 pounds in one day

The 2023 Weigh-off will be held on Sept 30th at Noon. Please arrive before 9:30 so we can safely unload your pumpkin the event will be held at Heaps Giant Pumpkin Farm located at

4853 US Highway 52 in Minooka IL 604473