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Nearly all of the below information  concerning  the Langley Soil Estimator  was done by Cecil Weston. He has a YouTube video about using the Estimator that you should watch. He probably has more knowledge than anyone about its use



To Zoom press Ctrl and +

When you download and start the Estimator It may open on this page. This is where different types of fertilizers have been pre-loaded. You can add any type you wish as long as your know its values,if you have nothing to add go to the Fertilizer calc page.

Remember to hit ENTER or click a empty cell after each entry.

The top section of the fertilizer calculator page is where you add the information from your soil test into the Current PPM column.

Add your gardens sqft into the top left corner.

Add your OM %

If your test did not list a buffer PH add a 9 to that area. 

Enter in your PH

Your test may have told you your soils texture which effects PH if your PH is high add your pounds of sulfur to “sulfur added to patch” aim for a PH of 6.8 to 6.9.

If you have low PH add lime not the sulfur

The lower section is where nutrients are added

After entering your soil test values, look at eCEC and keep it in mind during your adjustments .The Ratio is what you have now and the Ideal Ratio is what you are aiming for.

Do not start your adjustments with  Boron, it has been added to the lower section so you can see how adding 1/2 pound of Mule Team Borax has changed the PPM by 1.2 PPM. The quantity column is by the pound unless you are adding a liquid product

Look at the CEC Base Saturation percentages.
(Cecil)My targets are to get the:

Calcium above 75% (and at least 1100 ppm)
Magnesium above 15% but less than 20%
Potassium at half of the magnesium’s percentage (look at the mg:k ratio)

Get the pH between 6.8 and 6.9 (minimally 6.2) in the soil type by using the type of lime that will facilitate the above targets.

If test results are near the levels below suspect invalid test results unless a reason can be isolated
Phosphorus — 600 ppm
Calcium —   10000 ppm 

Magnesium —  800 ppm
Boron -—          5  ppm
Copper —         20 ppm
Manganese —  100 ppm
Zinc —             25 ppm
pH -8  

It is not advisable to go beyond the numbers below and do not try to hit  these levels     
Phosphorus — 300 ppm
Calcium. —    5000 ppm           
Magnesium -— 600 ppm      
Boron —          3.5 ppm               
Copper –           12 ppm                
Manganese –     60 ppm        
Zinc —             15 ppm                 
pH -8