Grow a Monster

with monster seeds

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we can not guarantee germination, seeds are examined and appear sound at time of shipment. Questions can be submitted here.  See how to germinate giant pumpkin seeds here

Whats your name little girl

  • SEED IDENTIFICATION-First line will be the weight of the pumpkin that the seed came from (1893) The last name of the grower (Mourlas) and the year it was grown (2021)
  •     The second line is the weight and name  of the mother plant, (the plant it grew on.)and then the Father that provided the pollen. In this case it is a selfed seed.
  •      “Self” means the female flower and male’s pollen came from the same plant (the 1789 Werner)
  •     A “sib” in the cross means two seeds from the same pumpkin were used for the female and male
  •     An open cross means that one or both parents are unknown, usually it is a unknown male

Sold at a low cost to provide beginners with good genetics 

1258.5 Adkins 21 

        2200 Geddes x open    Four seeds for $10


1398 Janowiak 20 Howard Dill Winner   one seed $30

 1501 Vander Wielen x 1885 Werner

 The 1501 Vander Wielen has grown several giant orange pumpkins and the 1885 Werner grow the WR of 2702.9 lbs

1080 Moser 21

Two seeds per pack $20

1928.5 Daletas x self

Two seed combo set – one seed of each $40  total
1893 Mourlas 21 –  1789 Werner x self

1813 Mourlas 21 – 1911 Urena x self.

1113 Goldfayn 21  Howard Dill Winner

   Two seeds per package $30

       1522 Young x self

MAGIC GARDEN Seed Combo $40
Be the talk of the town when you create your own magical garden with

record breaking potential.  This limited set includes

25-Mauveless popcorn seeds

50-Glass Gem Popcorn seeds
5-Carolina Reaper seeds (worlds hottest pepper)

25-Cosmo seeds (orange color)
20+Sunflower Tree seeds (Tall multi heads)
2-World Record Lunga seeds

5-Giant Cantaloupe seeds
25-Amaranth seeds
3- Illinois state record long gourd seeds 7′ 1″
2- World Record(9-25-21) Butternut squash seeds
3- Atlantic Giant pumpkin seeds from a 1258.5lb pumpkin

Butternut – 82 Hebb 21

Two seeds per pack $15

65.5 Brown x Self 

Current WR is 83lbs