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 weighoff starts 9/30/23  at  noon

approx. time for starting indoor seed. April 7th – 14th

Your fruit should be clean of soil and any chemicals used in your garden, do not add oil wax or other products to its skin. If you wish you can buff your entrée with a clean rag to improve its appearance. You need to supply a tarp or blanket under smaller entree’s for ease of  lifting. Large pumpkins need to be on a pallet that has lifting holes for a forklift. Most growers put Foam board under the pumpkin. You may put the vine in a container of water to reduce evaporation, before the contest the crew will trim the vine to a proper size for weighing. The stem will count towards the weight but if its damaged or completely missing that will be ok. All rules by the GPC will be followed. This is a fun activity bring family and friends but follow any safety rules in place. We love to see new growers, and we don’t take ourselves to seriously they are pumpkins and everyone loves a pumpkin ,.

When you arrive there may be a line of growers waiting to be unloaded this is a good time to remove any straps holding down your pumpkin. You will be directed to the unloading area where experienced growers will unload you. Then you should go the the registration desk that will be near the scales, they will want your name, email, home address and the genetics of the entry, there is a fee of $25 to enter the contest. If you have over 4 fruits to be weighed, you will be charged $5 for for the fifth one and each additional fruit after it.  Your fruit will be measured and the estimated weight recorded. When the event starts pumpkins will be weighed starting with the smallest. We would like to get a photo of you and your entry at the scales. After all fruits are weighed prizes awards and cash prizes will be handed out.. We will then reload your vehicle 

You may want to rent trailers or trucks

Commercial lifting tarp. sturdy blankets and tarps may work

Trucks are sometimes packed with straw bales

Several methods can be used to lift your pumpkin

      P & P Seed Co

A reliable company with many years of experience in selling quality lifting and hauling supplies

Professional lifting tarp

       P & P Seed Co Price List –2022
Please email me at Lgourd@aol.com 
(Subject line – “Want to buy Tarp”) or you can call my phone 716.648.7982. We have lifting tarps, strap lifters, rings and transporters. Can take a payment by check or money order – or PayPal Lgourd@aol.com

 Raymond L Waterman). Checks must clear first before merchandise 
is sent out. 

P & P Seed Co
56 E Union St
Hamburg NY 14075-5007 US
Pricing 2022 (This price includes shipping to all US Customers. Other locations email me)
2X4 Watermelon Tarp @$69.25
3X5 Watermelon Tarp @$99.25 We added this by request for the larger melon growers!
4X4 Tarp @$99.25
5X5 Tarp @$109.25
6X6 Tarp @$129.25
7X7 Tarp @$149.25
Pumpkin Strap Lifter @$99.25
Pumpkin Lifting Ring (only) @$209.40
Pumpkin Strap Lifting Ring (Complete) @$299.95
Transporter Strap – one size fits all – multiple loops for adjustment @$159.25 NEW PRICE- this is a one size fits all item.